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The History of Sioux City Brick

A Rich History

Sioux City Brick has been family owned and operated since 1913. With leadership spanning four generations, we are proud of our family tradition of superior brick making.

Haskins brick, circa 1910

Throughout the past century, our company has expanded from a home-grown Iowa business to a manufacturing company with a national reputation. Customers are attracted to our history of innovative color development, continuous product improvement, and reliable modern manufacturing and distribution.


D.P. Mahoney

The firm's beginnings go back to L.J. Haskins, who came to Iowa from Wisconsin with a brother in 1890 and founded the Haskins Brothers & Company soap factory, maker of Blue Barrel Soap. L.J. Haskins bought one brick plant at Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, in 1910. When Sioux City Brick and Tile Co. was formed in 1913, Haskins' brick factory was one of seven in the merger. Haskins retired in 1918.

Delivery team
Brickyard Baseball Team

D.P. Mahoney, who married Haskins' daughter, Ethel Jane, served as SCBT president from 1917 until shortly before his death in 1972. Sons Parnell and Loren Mahoney, together with son-in-law John Hill, joined the company, and ably guided years of expansion, modernization and growing sales. Many talented employees, past and present, are remembered for their years of hard work and dedication to company success.

In the post WWII years, Sioux City Brick & Tile grew. In1958, manufacturing and sales offices, United Brick and Tile, at Adel and Des Moines, Iowa, were purchased. During this same period, the sales office, Minnesota Brick, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was established.


Brickyard employees in 1939. Photo depicts historic beehive kilns at Adel, Iowa plant.
First tunnel kiln, Sergeant Bluff plant - 1964
Adel plant 2002





1964 is a year long remembered for building the first tunnel kiln in Iowa at our Sergeant Bluff plant. We built a total of four tunnel kilns in this era - in 1964,  1968, 1972 and 1976.  Production was greatly increased at both our Adel and Sergeant Bluff locations. Tunnel kilns produced brick more economically; quality control improved, as did color consistency. This enabled a leap into the national markets, and by the late 1970's and 80's, our distribution had grown to a network of nation wide distributors.

To meet the needs of a growing market and strong economy, new and enlarged plants were built at Sergeant Bluff in 1997 and in Adel in 2001 and again in 2007. In 2005, an additional local sales office, Nebraska Brick & Supply, was opened in Omaha, Nebraska.

Family leadership

Another generation of Mahoney names continues leadership. Parnell's son, Norman Mahoney, and Loren's son, Mark Mahoney, lead the company into the 21st century.

Management team today:

Left to right: Kurt Hansen, Mark Mahoney, Mike Bergin, Norman Mahoney, Steve Gerhart

Today, we are proud of our strong management team consisting of:

CEO: Mark Mahoney
President: Mike Bergin
Chief Operating Officer: Kurt Hansen
Chief Administrative  Officer: Steve Gerhart
Corporate Secretary: Norman Mahoney

Our Strategy

As a family owned and operated business, we focus on the customer. We continually seek better ways to offer the highest level of customer service. Sioux City Brick is committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of a quality brick, assuring a final product, unsurpassed for durability and beauty.

Key dates in our 100 year history:

  • 1913 Sioux City Brick and Tile established
  • 1917 1972 D.P. Mahoney serves as president
  • 1938 Parnell Mahoney joins the firm
  • 1948 Loren Mahoney and John Hill join the firm
  • 1958 United Brick & Tile acquired
  • 1958 Minnesota Brick & Tile opens
  • 1964 First tunnel kiln built at Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
  • 1968 First tunnel kiln built at Adel, Iowa
  • 1972 Second tunnel kiln - Sergeant Bluff
  • 1976 Second tunnel kiln - Adel
  • 1997 Construction of automated modern era Sergeant Bluff plant
  • 2001 Construction of first modern era automated Adel plant
  • 2005 Nebraska Brick and Supply - new sales office opens in Omaha, Nebraska
  • 2007 Construction of second modern era automated plant at Adel, Iowa
  • 2013 Sioux City Brick celebrates its centennial year

Delivering for you since 1913.