Thin Brick


What Is Thin Brick ? Exactly what it says - A Thin BRICK - An actual clay masonry facing product specifically manufactured for use as an alternative to traditional masonry and other building exteriors, usually either embedded into a concrete substrate or adhered to a panel system.

In order to perform in these alternative applications, Thin Brick differs from full bed depth brick. Thin Brick is generally manufactured to more exacting tolerances and internal properties, especially when used in concrete applications. Thin Brick comes in standard sizes and shapes compatible with conventional masonry making it easy to contemplate traditional exterior features and details.

Anything you can do in conventional masonry also can be accomplished using Thin Brick but more sustainably.   


Sioux City Thin Brick

Sioux City Brick has the capability to cut any of our in-stock products into 1/2" to 1" thick thin brick and corners.


Almost all of our thin brick will have a flat back configuration except for the 1" thickness which will have a scored back where the coring has been cut through. All our thin brick products will meet the appropriate ASTM specification under C-1088-09 (the same as its full brick counterpart under C-216-09). Please call for a Distributor in your area Ph 712-258-6571.

United Wall Systems

Your Thin Brick Systems Source.  Where creativity knows no limits.

We are your ultimate source for Feldhaus thin bricks, the most highly engineered, architecturally flexible thin brick on the market.

Get the Prestige, Value, Elegance, Tradition, & Comfort of Traditional Brick with the Speed, Structural Superiority, & Other Distinct Advantages of sustainable Thin Brick.

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